Seniors Wireless is dedicated to helping our greater community. We understand that there a lot of great charitable organizations that do great work for our community and we like to support those with our fundraising program.

The seniors wireless fundraising program is a great way to increase awareness of your cause at the same time raising additional funds to support your initiatives.

By applying for our fundraising program you have the opportunity gain additional funds by just recommending and referring those who have a wireless service or are looking for a wireless service to seniors wireless. We will then donate 10% of all revenue from your referrals to your charity. You will also receive a FREE unlimited account for your use after your first 5 referrals as well as seniors wireless marketing materials to help assist your fundraising program. Additionally we will promote your charity to our member base via our monthly newsletter and via our social media reach.

You simply provide your referrals to seniors wireless with your charity name, they enter your name upon ordering of a seniors wireless service and we forward to you monthly a cheque for 10% of all revenue from your referrals.

It is as simple as that. It is a great way to increase your funds but more importantly, seniors wireless represents great value for wireless plans.

Some of the great benefits of seniors wireless include plans starting from only $5 per month, unlimited plans from less than $1 per day, but best of all, FREE calls between all seniors wireless members on all plans.

To qualify for our fundraising opportunity, your charity must provide services that support the 50+ community.

To apply, complete the below and our fundraising team will respond within 24 hours. If approved, you will be active within 48 hours. So apply below and start fundraising!

Fill up the form to be part of Fundraising Program

+ FREE unlimited plan after your first 5 referrals